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No. 1 Cooked Cereal Meal

New No.1
Non-heating & highly digestible
Fed as a wet mash
Ideal for older horses with poor dentition or those recovering from surgery

No. 2 Working Cubes

No.2 Working Cubes
Non-heating & barley free
High fibre
For horses at rest up to medium work
A half strength condtioning cube
A step up from a basic high fibre cube

No. 8 Meadow Sweet with honey

High fibre
For horses at rest or in light work
Delicious mix with mint & a light honey coating
Ideal for fussy feeders

No.13 Oat-Free Horse & Pony Mix

Non-heating & oat-free
High fibre
For horses at rest up to medium work
A step up from a basic high fibre mix
With added garlic

No.14 Lo-Cal balancer

Low calorie, low starch pellet
Ideal for good-doers and those prone to laminitis
Promotes excellent muscle tone with quality protein, vitamins and minerals and Yea Sacc.
Fed in small quantities (coffee-mugs)

No.15 Senior Mix

New No.15
Formulated to meet the increased nutritional requirements of older horses and ponies.
Highly digestible, non-heating
With Yea Sacc, Digest Plus prebiotic and garlic. Ideal for maintaining condition in horses and ponies at rest or in work.

Everyday High Fibre Mix

High fibre
Excellent value for horses and ponies at rest or in light work

Everyday High Fibre Cubes

High fibre
Excellent value for horses and ponies at rest or in light work

High Fibre Complete

High Fibre Complete New
A chunky alternative to the standard high fibre cube.
Non-heating, high fibre and fully balanced.
Easily fed from the ground.

Keep Calm

Keep Calm
A delicious quick soaking high fibre feed
Containing less than 7% starch and 5% sugar
With Speedi-Beet superfibres and a comprehensive balance of vitamins and minerals


No. 4 Top Line Conditioning Cubes

New No. 4
Non-heating, barley free
Ideal for all horses & ponies, at rest up to hard work
Effective for weight gain, condition & coat shine
Source of controllable energy for performance horses.

No. 6 All-Round Endurance Mix

New No.6
One of the highest oil, highest fibre mixes
For strength, stamina and endurance in all disciplines.
With alfalfa, 'super fibres', and oil for improved stamina and recovery.
Lower in starch (than similar competition mixes)

No. 9 All-Round Competition Mix

New No.9
Oat-based competition mix for horses and ponies in moderate to hard work.
Contains Baileys Outshine high oil supplement
Provides sparkle without fizz

No.17 Top Line Conditioning Mix

New No.17
Effective non-heating mix for weight gain and outstanding top line and condition.
High in oil, oat free
For all horses & ponies at rest up to hard work

No.20 Slow Release Condition & Competition Mix

Slow-release, reduced starch all-round performance feed
High oil, high fibre contents
Fully balanced, complete feed
Suitable for stressy or sharp horses with high calorie requirements

No.19 Performance Balancer

Low calorie, low starch, high specification balancer
Promotes muscle tone and overall health
Advanced formula can be fed on its own, added to straights or to reduced amounts of hard feed

No.21 Ease & Excel

No.21 Ease & Excel
Suitable for equines prone to EGUS
Low starch, high fibre, high oil blend
Low sugar, with Outshine high oil supplement


Alfalfa Blend

A unique combination of alfalfa, soft green oat straw and clover
Grown according to organic principles, without fertilisers or chemicals

Golden Chaff

A lightly molassed wheat straw chaff ideal for mixing with any feed.

Alfalfa Plus Oil

Pure high-temperature dried chopped alfalfa 11.5% coating soya oil
Equivalent to some conditioning or competition feeds.

Light Chaff

Blend of high-temperature dried alfalfa and oat straw
With mint and a very light dressing of soya oil.
High fibre and low calorie, as well as low in starch and sugar
Ideal for good-doers, those prone to laminitis and those on a calorie-controlled diet.

Ultra Grass

Ultra Grass
Pure high-temperature dried chopped grass
Very light dressing of soya oil
Ideal for bringing a taste of pasture into the feed bowl.

Fibre Plus Nuggets

Fibre Plus Nuggets
Chunky high fibre nuggets.
Ideal hay replacer.
Can be fed from the bucket or ground.


Quick soaking beet pulp flake
95% sugar free
No starch
Ideal forage replacer


Quick soaking combination of alfalfa, Speedi-Beet and oat fibre
Low starch, low sugar
Ideal forage replacer

Stud Range

No. 3 Stud Cubes

Supports growth & development
For foals from 3 months, broodmares & stallions
Cost-effective, can be fed to large groups

No. 7 Stud Mix

A premium oat-based mix for all breeding stock. With quality protein and superior vitamin and mineral levels
Supports growth and development.

Prep Mix

Promotes 'head turning' condition and top line in growing youngstock being prepared for the sales and show ring
Maintains the correct nutrition to support optimum growth.
Highly digestible, high oil, non-heating

Stud Balancer

Stud Balancer
Low calorie, low starch balancer for pregnant and lactating mares, foals and youngstock
Provides quality protein, vitamins and minerals to support correct growth and development.
Ideal for those who maintain condition well, or for topping up nutrient levels.

No. 5 Yearling Cubes

Ideal for youngstock being prepared for the sales or show ring.
Non-heating, high in oil and fully balanced. Promotes and maintains show ring condition whilst supporting optimum growth.

Mare's Milk Replacer

Mare's Milk Replacer
A complete milk substitute for the orphan or rejected foal
Mixes with tap water and is fed "free choice" from a bucket
Reduces bottle feeding and allows the foal to drink as often as if the mare were present

Foal Assist

Foal Assist
A premium vitamin and trace mineral drench
In syringe or liquid form
Ideal when a foal is experiencing rapid growth or the mare is producing low quality milk.

Foal Creep Pellets

Foal Creep Pellets
Milk based creep pellets for foals
Highly digestible
Ideal for foals whose dam isn't milking well

Racing Range

No.10 Racehorse Mix

An extremely palatable, high energy, oat-based mix for horses in training and at the peak of fitness.
High oil (contains Baileys Outshine)
Promotes stamina and reduces recovery times,

No.11 Racehorse Cubes

High energy cubes for horses in training and at the peak of fitness.
Lower in starch than their mix equivalent
Support superb muscle tone and performance without exacerbating excitable temperaments.

No.16 Racing Light

For racehorses of all ages at rest or in light to moderate work.
Supports continued growth and development in the young horse
Provides essential non-heating nutrition for the more mature athlete.

Oat Balancer Mix

A high energy mix formulated to be fed with oats to horses in hard work.
Balances any nutrient deficiencies in oats
Provides quality protein for superb muscle tone. Fully balanced with vitamins and minerals.

No.12 Trotting Cubes

No12 Trotting Cubes
Specially formulated to promote stamina and endurance


Best British Oats

Best British Oats
Thoroughly cleaned, best bruised oats


Advanced electrolyte containing optimum balance of potassium, sodium and chloride to replace salts lost through sweating, thus helping to prolong performance and reduce the time to fatigue.

Digest Plus

Digest Plus
A prebiotic supplement to promote a healthy digestive system
Provides a food source for beneficial gut bacteria

Garlic supplement

Garlic 1 & 5
Contains natural garlic oil in a nutritious powder base for easy use all year round.


A 'mess free' high oil supplement
Add to any balanced diet for condition, coat shine, stamina
Non-heating energy source
Fed in small quantities (coffee-mugs)
Better than feeding straight oil alone

Outshine with spearmint

Outshine spearmint
A 'mess free' high oil supplement
Add to any balanced diet for coat shine & condition
Non-heating, fed in small quantities
With a dusting of spearmint for added palatability

Paddock Lick Plus

Paddock Lick
A premium, molassed lick with added lysine and chelated minerals.
Ideal for supplementing horses in groups.

Limestone Flour

Effective means of calcium supplementation.

Soya Oil

Soya Oil
Pure soya oil for extra shine, condition and slow release energy.

Tasty Treats

Tasty Treats
High fibre
No vitamins & minerals
Extracts of flavours of essential oils

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