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Futurity Young Horse Evaluations

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Futurity Young Horse Evaluations

The Baileys Horse Feeds/BEF Futurity Young Horse Evaluation series was developed to encourage breeders, owners and trainers of eligible young horses, from foals through to 3 years, to bring their horses forward for evaluation in the areas of Dressage, Showjumping, Eventing and Endurance. 
Youngsters are awarded marks out of 10 for a range of attributes from conformation and paces to athleticism and suitability for their proposed discipline, with those gaining the highest marks being awarded Premiums reflecting these marks.  Those scoring an average of 9 or above receive an Elite Premium and are considered potential international performance horses.
As series sponsor, Baileys Horse Feeds takes an active role in each participant’s assessment, considering the condition of each young horse as a reflection of the diet it receives.  This provides a valuable insight for breeders into how nutrition can support correct growth and optimise the horse’s ability to fulfil its potential.
Baileys’ qualified nutritionists use a universally recognised Body Condition Scoring (download this here) system alongside one whereby the horse’s top line and muscle development are assessed.  Owners are given a sheet with the nutritionist’s comments and may take the opportunity to discuss the youngster’s diet, whilst Baileys records the data to support their research into sport horse nutrition. 
Evaluations take place throughout July and August with 16 dates at 14 venues around the country, from Cornwall to Edinburgh.  A youngster may only be evaluated once per year but may be re-evaluated each year as a foal, yearling, two-year-old or three-year-old.  Top scorers in each age group and discipline are rewarded at the British Breeders’ Awards Dinner in the January.

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