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Customer Testimonials

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Getting the Condition Right

Dear Baileys

I bought my unbroken four-year-old 16.3 hh mare, Nancy, in November 2016. Nancy came from Holland and was quite underweight when she arrived. I decided to get Baileys Nutritionist, Angie Johnson, because I was struggling to get any weight on her and I was worrying about all sorts of problems! Angie visited Nancy while she was in York being backed and schooled. The added work was showing how weak Nancy really was. The service was fantastic and I was recommended Baileys Keep Calm and Alfalfa Plus Oil. The difference in Nancy is amazing and this is only two weeks into our feeding Plan! I cannot wait to start getting Nancy out and about, starting with a bit of dressage this year. We will be out on the eventing field next year so be sure to look out for a very healthy Dutch Warmblood with a lovely shiny coat because her condition is improving every day with Baileys!

Thank you

Kerry Stephenson

Calm and Collected

Dear Baileys

I am 14 years old and have been riding since I was two! I am currently riding Carracanada Kieran, a 14.2hh, 9 year old by Loughlum Sadat out of Sienna Poppy. I got him when he was 5 and have produced him up to Novice Level eventing. Kieran can sometimes be a bit of a handful to work with in training but he has such an energetic and fun personality and does listen really. Because of this I am now feeding him Baileys Keep Calm. He is still getting all the goodness, vitamins and minerals he 
needs but he is a lot calmer from being on it. We were selected for the U18 Novice Championships to represent the North at Frickley Park CCI* and I am aiming for Oasby PT and Tattersalls CCI* this year and to go intermediate. I am also currently producing 3 others, all 3 are 5 year olds. They are projects but I think they could go quite far, one of them especially. 


Tara Dixon  

All Good Things Come In Small Packages!

Dear Baileys
We have a real array of feeding needs here at Ribbons Stud. Our Horse of the Year Show winning miniature stallions are busy boys, especially Scott Creek Monarch Red Graffiti, who had a year off showing last year but went Horse of the Year Show Champion in 2015. Not only do they have their own herd of mares and visiting mares but they also spend the show season strutting their stuff across the country. Whilst we need them to look their best for the show ring we need a feed that keeps them calm and concentrating on the job in hand. I just love Baileys Stud Balancer along with Baileys Outshine high oil supplement, which keeps them in tip top condition whilst being non heating. Our miniature orphan foal Sophie is also thriving on Baileys Foal Creep Pellets, sadly she was rejected by her mother and we are having to hand rear her. Most of the broodmares and young stock are given Baileys No.7 Stud Mix to ensure all their dietary needs are met but little Sophie will be on Mare’s Milk Replacer and Foal Creep Pellets until she is a little older.
Thank you

Ribbons Stud 

Age Is Just A Number

Dear Baileys

We've had my 6 year old daughter’s ponies for 18 months and a month, respectively. Both are fed on No.19 Performance Balancer and Outshine high oil supplement. They both get worked hard and look this good on it. It’s hard to believe that Tarragon, the chestnut, is 25 years old this year, no one believes his age. I will never feed them anything else!

Thank you

Leanne Nutt

Winning Combination

Dear Baileys

We have had the two Connemara’s pictured since the end of 2015. The dun, Lillian's Lad, won at almost every show he competed at in 2016, including being placed second in the Show Hunter Pony at the Royal Dublin Horse Show 2016. The grey mare, Laerswell Lilly, competed in Connemara and Mountain & Moorland classes. She won her class and stood Reserve Supreme Champion at the Royal Dublin Horse Show 2016. We find that No.17 Top Line Conditioning Mix and Outshine high oil supplement are great for helping to put on condition and both ponies keep a level head. This year we have a new string of horses and ponies including a full Irish Draught gelding who stood In-Hand Champion at Tattersalls International. We also have another Irish Draught who will compete in Maxi Cob classes as a 5 year-old and a 4 year-old Connemara gelding who will do M & M and Connemara classes. We've had numerous wins and Championships, all being fed on Baileys.

Thank you

Michaela Butler 
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